Barre – Classes combine movements from yoga, Pilates and basic ballet to bring heat, challenge and energy to legs, hips, core and upper body. A fun class that strengthens and stretches.


SB Barre by Soul Body – An intense barre class that uses smaller, deep muscles to sculpt thighs, glutes, hips & waist.


Body Chisel – Classes will strengthen, sculpt and bring definition to muscles through a variety of techniques to keep the muscles challenged and



Barre – A 30-minute class focused on glute work!


Boxing Bootcamp - A fun and exciting boxing cardio and HIIT training class to improve core strength, speed and flexibility. Learn, train and move like a boxer. Appropriate for all fitness levels.


Cardio Line Dancing – Have fun exercising to music and learn to country line dance.


Chisel on Ball – Improve core body strength, flexibility and balance using the exercise balls.


High intensity interval training - H.I.I.T is a total body workout alternating short bursts of super intense work with low intensity recovery. Using a variety of modalities from plyometrics to

kettle bells, H.I.I.T. will torch calories, lower body fat and improve cardio condition. Modifications can be made to accommodate a variety of fitness levels and injuries.


Nia – This is a group dance fitness class that incorporates dance, arts, martial arts and healing arts. It is practiced with bare feet with the intention of making exercise feel good from the inside out.


Pilates - This workout is designed to improve core body strength, flexibility, balance and mental conditioning through Joseph Pilates' techniques. Class is for all levels and is one hour in duration.


Sculpt - a class designed to improve core strength through various exercises. The tools used are weights, bands, balls and your own body. Designed for all fitness levels. Participants are encouraged to work at their own level.


Senior Sculpt – A co-ed class incorporating beginner-to-moderate levels of exercises including sculpting, low-impact cardio, core conditioning and stretching. Great for seniors; fun and socializing.


Spin - Classes are all-level spin. Special shoes are not required but cycling shoes are recommended to improve form and increase performance: Shoe cage, “spd” cleats or “look” cleats. Each participant should bring water and a towel.


Therapeutic Yoga – A restorative class for all abilities, designed to achieve physical, mental & emotional relaxation with the aid of props.


Yoga - Ancient Indian system of mind-body conditioning, these classes draw on many different teaching styles of hatha yoga. Learn control of your

physical being & gain awareness of your inner self. Beginner to moderate warm-up with basic Yoga stretching & poses.


Zumba® - Combine pulsating Latin rhythms with the red-hot international dance steps and you have Zumba® Fitness! (Spanish slang for "to move fast & have fun") People of all ages can enjoy its infectious music, easy-to-follow dance moves and body-beautifying benefits.


Zumba Toning – All the fun of Zumba with sculpt characteristics.





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